Links to other fiction Links to other humour
A Mississippi Slip N Slide Graphic reincarnation/birthing story up at Five2One, supremely read by Mark Long
Advent Cheer A psychotic Christmas tale at Open Pen
Upsell off I-94 A tale of revenge at Pulp Metal Magazine
Vestigial A tale of a terrible decision to have a second child
Expose The Member A true tale of Jewish ritual up at Spelk
You Can’t Run From Aging Facebook sports-bragging laid bare in Entropy Magazine
A mental story of the birth of computer science, up at Queen Mobs
Your Inconsequential Achievements Anger Me  A therapy comedy piece at Entropy
Supernature   A story of teen sexual angst, up at Spelk
Mother’s Day  A reflection on women’s hardships in childbirth, up at Sick Lit
A Dirty Head for a Tune  An essay about my filthy earworms, up at Entropy
Drug Store Girl, a poem  Up at Sick Lit
Under the Hummer Tree, a poem  Up at Spilling Cocoa on Martin Amis
I’d Fill That Vacuum A tale of being sick of what life has to offer
Early Internet Trolling  About how I emailed a random guy in 1994, up at Public House
One other link, to an awesome pop-up writerly clothing store - Writer Ts Clothing  Check them out for unique, sardonic writing tops - (way better than #writingtips)
Follow  A story about not stalking and writers and Hemingway, up at Maudlin House